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Your body hears everything your mind says, stay positive!

ACMOS Bioenergetic is now in Esperance, WA ! The ACMOS Bioenergetic is open! I will also create a training centre for the ACMOS method.

If you want to book an appointment contact me : 0409 909 679!

All news will be on the blog, on Facebook @bioenergeticandhypnosis and Instagram @charlotte_holistichealth, so follow me!

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You can discover on this website several methods of natural and alternative medicine that I practice as ACMOS Bioenergetic and hypnosis.

The objective is to find the energetic balance of the body and the mind through its own resources and in the respect of the body management’s capacities. This allows for finding a well-being for the daily life and thus a better quality of life.

Watch this amazing video for understanding how the ACMOS method can help you for finding a well-being, a balance and improve your daily life



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Annie is one of my patient who discover the ACMOS method in September 2017.

“I am going to tell you about my encounter with the bioenergetic as well as my personal history.

I am going to tell you about my encounter with the bioenergetic as well as my personal history.

After experiencing two breast cancers followed by chimiotherapy and X-rays, plus removal of both breasts with reconstruction, I undertook hormonal therapy for 5 years. I can tell you that I was highly troubled both in body and spirit.

After all this, I was diagnosed with Basdow disease, and I was under treatment for 2 years without having my thyroid removed.

I met Charlotte in September 2017 and since, she is kept me balanced physically and in spirit.

After two years of treatment for my Basdow disease, in November 2017, my endicronologist decided to stop the treatment as it couldn’t be followed any longer due to its toxicity.

I can confirm that Bioenergy keeps me balanced and prevents me from getting sick again. All this without medication and avoiding getting surgery.

Since September 2017, bioenergy is the method that is saving me. It is also keeping balanced in body and mind. All this also felt among my dear ones.

I truly think it is a discovery and a way out for a person like me, whose life was full of obstacles. Bioenergetic has allowed to overcome difficult times and now prevents any further disturbance.

At this time, I no longer follow any chemical treatment. Bioenergy does the job in a most excellent way.

Annie Bures, May 2018″