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ACMOS Lecher Antenna

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The ACMOS Lecher Antenna analyzes the energetic qualities of animals, plants, food, medications, remedies, or any other object or material. It is adaptable for self-body measurements and possesses somme features that make it ideal for measuring human energy fields and their imbalance.

René Naccachian’s research is brought about the establishment of measurable values quality in products such as food, nutrients, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies by using Lecher’s instrument, which gives us values on the vibratory scale between about 1.0 and 17.6 ACMOS cosmo-telluric units (actu units). Positive responses or resonances of frequencies give us information in the language of energy fields, and Lecher’s antenna decodes the information by oscillating or being in resonance with it.

We are able to determine the best quality products to nourish our bodies and the best quality medications to help the body restore health. The ACMOS method has the ability to check which food or medication is most effective and compatible with a particular patient. Thus, one of the characteristic of the ACMOS method is the individual correction of energy fields and individual application of the treatment procedures.

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