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Quantum Medicine

The book “L’arte de la Médecine” written by Docteur Thomas K. Szulc is a great support to explain the quantum medicine and how the ACMOS method is based on the principles of the quantum physics.

In fact, the ACMOS method use the principles of the quantum physics to do some measurement of the body and do a part of stimulation. There are two quantum devices : the ACMOS Lecher’s Antenna and the Quantacmos.

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The principles of the quantum medicine

Bruce Lipton described the biological function of the cell as being closely related to environmental factors, presenting the cellular membrane as the main structure in deciding the proper function of the cell: the control mechanism and the governing body of the basic unit of organization in the human body.  The cell nucleus with DNA functions as a memory hard drive. The data (energy fields as information) enter the cell through membrane receptors (protein gates) that work like a computer keyboard. Receptor proteins trigger the membrane effectors; the receptors work as a central processing unit, converting environmental information into the behavioral language of the cell and regulating its function through modulation of the hard drive. This intelligent creation of the basic unit of our body give us the ability to control the functions of our body and each of our cells. Moreover, a primal cell possesses all the information of a living organism, including the amazing bodily resources that work toward auto-reorganization. Not only is the volume genetic information extraordinary, but the capacity of storage, transmission and restitution of information is also perfectly and remarkably organized, whether this information is inherited or acquired.

One of the most exciting discoveries of the 20th century was the result of research conducted by Russian embryologist Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954) in the 1920s. His experiments on onion roots revealed that live cells produce electro-magnetic radiation in the form of light. His discovery was supported by modern biophysicists with the advanced technology of photomultipliers, which are instruments with the ability to measure light emission photon by photon.

Information transfer by photons is fast, economical and efficient. A photon wave can carry information in its amplitude and phase, while a photon wave packet, which is made up of many waves of different frequencies, can carry information in its spectral distribution, as well. It is possible to transmit large amounts of information through phase and spectral distribution of a photon wave packet of ultra-weak strength.

Photons carry information on the environment from which they have been emitted and the environment they have crossed. A photon is a quantum object, a vehicle of electromagnetic interaction. Corpuscular and undulatory (wave-like), the principle of quantum mechanics seems paradoxical, but its reality is demonstrated by the work of the fathers of quantum physics, Max Planck and Niels Bohr. The quantum energy given off by the Quantacmos, for example, is an action on reactions of electro-magnetic waves and energy fields applied to the living organism to help reach a balanced condition. This takes into account the whole complicated chain of the inherent and acquired information relevant to humankind’s biological nature as well as experiential information encountered daily on the internal and external levels of the organism.

All living organisms, including human beings, emit weak electromagnetic energy that is invisible to the human eye. Popp established a name for those photons: biophotons.

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The principles of the Quantum medicine and the ACMOS method

From the work of great researchers, we know that the human body is a high quality transmitter and receiver of vibrations. With the ACMOS Lecher’s Antenna we discuss with the body and for do it we use this quality of transmitter and receiver of the body. All the vibration that the body send to us or “he” asks us to send to “him” allow us to understand the way of functioning, the causes of the different symptoms or diseases and then, we have a lot information about how help the body to be balance and heal itself. Human DNA, like chromosomes and proteins, is able to generate coherent radiation similar to laser light, transmitting the vibration in both an intracellular and extracellular manner.

We know that coherence in physics means a high ability to communicate and transmit information. Thus, our cells and intracellular organelle, and even subatomic particles, can talk to each other, exchanging information. Simultaneously, they can receive information from our environment.

Also, each cell has, inside of its DNA, information about whole organism, and every imbalance or dysfunction is reflected in the energetic fields of the body. They represent its energetic centripetal coherence of vital energy and energetic coherence of organization as well as its physical and mental dimension.

All these quantum physics discoveries allow us to use the ACMOS Lecher Antenna (ALA) to transfer the information of one natural product, for example, an Essential Oil, in the body with an acupuncture point. With some wave lenghts that we choose on the ALA, we send the vibration in the body and its takes only the missing vibration and information from the wave lengths. From this acupuncture point, the vibration will be transmitted the information through all the cells of the body due to the capacity of our cells to talk each orther and exchanging information. The body can need different products to be balance (e.g : Essential Oil, Trace Elements, Homeopathy) because each products have some vibration and information whose body need to be balance. Then, we transfer information and vibration with the ACMOS Lecher Antenna for each product with a different acupuncture point as the body asks to us.

The ACMOS Lecher Antenna is an amazing device to communicate with the body and all the cells. This capacity of communication allow us to know what he need to be balance, to heal and to improve its capacity to manage itself.

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