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The ACMOS Method

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René Naccachian, after many decades of extensive and fascinating research, created a method called ACMOS: an acronym derived from “Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy.” This method uses Lecher’s instrument to perform exact measurements energetic fields to identify blockages and indicate how to resolve them, with lasting results. The objective of ACMOS techniques is to access the cause of a chain of disorders to achieve global energy balance. As previously stated, the human being in its energetic aspect is an extraordinary simultaneous transmitter and receiver, superior to anything invented by us. It is this extraordinary faculty that is used by the ACMOS resonance techniques to obtain from energetic fields of the human body precise information on the physical and mental disorders which is the body is experiencing.

According to the principles of quantum physics, all pertinent information about internal and external aggressions which culminate in various disorders are registered by the energetic body by means of holographic imprints. This information radiates through the body and mind, allowing them to memorize problems from the past and the present.

According to Naccachian’s research, all radiating information, especially of the quantitative type obtained from scanners, X-rays, and chemical tests, is concerned with the symptomatic, centrifugal means of radiating outside information. For example, a blood analysis expresses abnormalities, which in most cases are the consequences of deep energetic disorders. Orthodox medicine, unaware of energetic bodily function, attempts to control imbalances by prescribing daily treatments until the analyses of the problems are satisfactory. This is a correction of the manifestation of the problem, however, and does nothing to eliminate its cause.

ACMOS techniques allow the organization of a global aspect of the human being rather than aspects of our bits and pieces. The young, strong and productive cells constitute our energetic force in the essential energy center, representing the energy resources called Yin energy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This energy radiates to help support our aging, weaker or sick cells as a centrifugal energy radiation, or Yang energy according to TCM. Energy resources (Yin energy) of centripetal direction means moving inside of our body, and can be compared to a savings account (financial resources). Energy management (Yang energy) of centrifugal direction means moving outside of the body and can be compared to a checking account (money management).

Both types of energy, Yin and Yang, can be evaluated and managed by the ACMOS method. The ACMOS method, with its full range of testers and regulators, is able to also detect a centripetal Yin energy dysfunction and restore coherence on all levels of the body’s energetic organization.

The proper functioning of an organism is dependent upon proper functioning of living cells, which are controlled by the Yin centripetal and Yang centrifugal energies. When the light of the cells is no longer convergent or synchronous, the information is incorrect, and either the function of cell is negatively affected or their energy system is blocked. The vibratory energy system, through its centrifugal action (Yang energy), triggers pressure on the cells to revitalize them during their life cycle and reject them at the end of their lives. Additionally, their light (or, as Popp stated, their biophotons) will be ejected into the environment, and their physical form will be removed through the lymphatic system. All problems, including physical and psychological disorders, start with these lower-energy cells poorly communicating with the control center and the general cell population. The more the body is cluttered with this weak, non-evacuated cells, the more problems the whole organism will face. Therefore, the aim of the ACMOS method is to restore the profound healing capacities of the human being by acting upon its centripetal and centrifugal energies. The method is oriented toward the organization of the network of information entering and leaving the body, after having left its impact. When the body is no longer capable to intercepting and treating the information necessary for its perfect functioning, physical and mental disorders materialize. If the body submits to multiple aggressions during its life, it becomes overwhelmed and unable to properly eliminate the cellular toxins, which are deposited in the weakest and slowest energy flow zone, causing energy blockages. One amazing characteristic of the human body’s energy fields is their perfect symmetry. From the beginning of life, starting with the first cell, the vibratory field is symmetrical to the central axis of the cell. The cell then divides into two identical cells, each having symmetrical energy fields.

The ACMOS method uses this perfect symmetry of energy fields to identify any energetic imbalances in the body. The symmetry of cellular energy creates global energetic balance. When this symmetry is not present, there is poor organization of the body’s energy and its functions. The body is constantly managing its functions by activating and deactivating its command points: the acupuncture points. The body consists of the total number of its cells and needs to maintain its symmetry and balance under any circumstances. Therefore, it will do anything in its capacity to control energetic self-management. The ACMOS method will manage and correct only those command points that the body is unable to reactivate because it has become overwhelmed and lost its capacity for total organization. The main goal of the method is to help the organism to restore its coherence wherever it has lost its control or ability to solve the problem.

René Naccachian had been developing high-tech instruments to measure human energy, to understand and manage various energy fields on different levels in order to identify disturbances and blockages and correct them with precision.

All the techniques used in the ACMOS method protocol have incredible value in medicine:

  1. In conventional, orthodox, allopathic medicine, the method can accurately determine the application of pharmaceutical medication for particular patients, including its compatibility with patients, appropriate dosage, frequency and duration of treatment. Prescribed medication can be perfectly adapted to the pathological condition of the patient and his or her assimilation capacity.
  2. In alternative, holistic, energetic branches of biological medicine, the method can establish proper flow of energy and information on the organic, psycho-emotional and ancestral level to correct a healing process.
  3. In patients with chronic conditions, periodic energy level assessment allows for re-establishment of total energy balance and successful management of chronic disorders.

The initial phase of any disease, there is always energetic dysfunction. Gradually, it develops into a functional disorder and organic pathology, where the flow of energy has been impeded over a period of time and cannot be re-established by the body itself. Any disease or pathology have dynamic process, subject to the interaction of many energetic forces and proceeding in corresponding phases:

  1. Mental alteration manifested by negative emotions.
  2. Physical disturbance, ranging from weakness or fatigue to total collapse
  3. Functional disturbance presenting itself, with physical reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
  4. Organic damage.

One characteristic of ACMOS methodology, which is impossible to accomplish with any other form of medicine, is “conversation” with an energetic body to attain complete balance of the body on all levels. Therefore, it is the most effective preventive medicine known. Conventional medicine, through regulations and frequent, expensive testing using advanced technology, calls for “preventive measures”, and wants to diagnose conditions as quickly as possible. This is a great strategy in limited science, but still, this is early recognition of the advanced stages of disease, and not prevention. In the ACMOS method, early organic or emotional-energetic imbalances are identified and corrected. Energetic dysfunctions are always primary problems not detected by any other methods aside from the ACMOS method, and if these dysfunctions progress untreated, organic problems might follow. The restoration and maintenance of global energy balance is the key to a prolonged, healthy life.