ACMOS method, ACMOS Session and Energetic balance, instruments


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Chromoregulation is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to cure various diseases. We have undertaken a critical analysis of chromotherapy and documented its scientific evolution to date. A few researchers have tried to discover the underlying scientific principles, but without quantitative study.

ACMOS Color Filters

The wide range of the ACMOS color filters included 20 slides that will be uses in the following cases:

The chromoregulation balance energetic centre, strength the cellular regeneration and the lymphatic system elimination which is weakened by the lack of a color. This color is unique for each patient. We find the color corresponding with the vibration of the patient with the ACMOS Lecher Antenna at the end of the ACMOS session.

According to the ACMOS method, this color is projected in the hand of the subject under a white light with a flashlight for example (in the right hand for a left-handed and in the left hand for a right-handed). Using chromoregulation allow the body to maintain the strength of the lymphatic system elimination to get rid of toxins at home until the next ACMOS session.

Therefore, after an ACMOS session, the chromoregulation allow the body to maintain its body balance, its elimination capacity and its strengtheing until the next session. Also, the chromoregulation can reinforce the immune system.

Along with healthy food and physical activity, the release of the lymphatic system can trigger weight loss, thus allowing the body recover its elimination function.


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