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For thousands of years a beautifully simple but profoundly effective the Five Element theory has been guiding Traditional Chinese Medicine in the creation of healing medicinal and nutritional recipes. This stems from the relationship of the five elements of nature— earth, metal, water, wood, fire—and the constant interaction among them. According to this theory, health in the human body is a state of balance among these five elements.

Each of the Five Elements is associated with one or more of our internal organs, which correspond to specific flavors and colors of food. Balancing these elements of food is a grear way to achieve optimum health and balance.

Moreover, eating in accordance with the seasons is critical in balancing nutrition this can be achieved by eating fresg, locally grown or homegrown food in a variety of colors. Fresh foods that are well preserved from a previous season count!

  • Earth (Spleen/Stomach) : Late summer – Sweet and starchy foods that are yellow, orange and brown. Earth foods are nourishing, calming, comforting and building. But too much can increase blood sugar levels, build more fat and increase weight. Tip : add Wood food to your starchy harvest of late summer.


  • Metal (Lungs/Large Intestine) : Fall – Spicy and pungent foods that are white. Metal foods promote energy, immunity and circulation. But too much can cause restless energy and a restless mind. Tip : Add fire foods in the late fall meal to increase circulation, improve metabolism and get ready for the winter.


  • Water (Kidneys/Bladder) : Winter – Salty foods that are black, purple and blue. Water foods are cooling, calming and moisturizing. But too much increases water retention, cold, sluggishness and retention. Tip : Add Earth foods to nourish during winter.


  • Wood (Liver/Gall Bladder) : Spring – Sour foods and most green, fast growing foods. Wood foods generally help with digestion. But too much is known to obstruct the flow of digestion. Tip : Add Metal foods to balance meals in the spring and stimulate the immune system after a cold and dark winter.


  • Fire (Heart/Small Intestine) : Summer – Bitter foods and most red foods, especially those shaped like a heart or that are dried and hot. Fire food adds a “good fore” for circulation and metabolism. But too much can create excessive heat. Tip : Add Water foods to cool the fire of early long summer days.


The nutrition indicate with the law of the Five Elements is very interesting when you do an ACMOS session. In fact, with one of our devices, the Biofeedback, we can take the measurement of all the 12 energetic circuits which represent the Five Elements. Then, we can see if one of them have an excess or a lack. Of course, the ACMOS session will balance the body and manage the excess or the lack. But we can give you an advice to adjust his/her nutrition in prevention and to improve the balance of his/her body. Moreover, a seasonal energy can disturb the body and ajust the nutrition can help to reduce this disturbance.

With the amazing device which is the Biofeedback, we can have measurement and we can see the cause of the disturbance (element, organ) and give you the most appropriate advice to balance your body.

Also, we can test the compatibility between your food and your body with the ACMOS Lecher’s Antenna to control if your body tolerate correctly the food and if doesn’t disturb it.





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