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The Bioenergetic Practitioner’s involvement during pregnancy is most wonderful as it helps maintain an optimal energetic quality within the mother, the child, and within the communication between the two.

During pregnancy, the fetus’ development follows the lunar rhythm, which impacts both blood and energy. The lunar month is 28 days long (7×4), meaning a first period of waxing moon during which the blood is drawn outward, and a second period of waning moon (7×2) during which the blood is drawn back inward. Pregnancy lasts ten lunar cycles, during which the mother’s organism proceeds in specific energetic maneuvering.

Cycle after cycle, the energy is used to manage the construction of the living being, following a perfectly programmed order. The Bioenergetic Practitioner respects and assists the mother’s actions through an exact protocol, carefully designed so as not to interfere with the precise natural process:

  • Stimulating only the points which the mother is no longer controlling, using the Acmos Lecher Antenna;
  • Following and repairing, cycle after cycle, the mother and the child’s energetic coherence, as well as the communication between the two;
  • Making sure there are no geobiological, ecological, or similar, types of aggression which could interfere with quality in the construction of the child.

Organ and function development follows a radiating vital energetic process emanating

from the heart of each cell.  The embryo’s cellular vitality is activated through the mother’s cosmotelluric channel and is further galvanized through successive waves of matter energy, developing the  organs and functions according to a chronobiological order.

The Acmos Bioenergetic Practitioner’s involvement is essential in helping the mother heal quickly, and in helping avoid common problems such as post-partum depression, vaginal prolapse, as well as all kinds of traumas encountered during pregnancy or childbirth.

Pregnancy-Mother-Child Acmos Training Workshop

This is a two-day workshop comprising theory and case study

As a pregnant woman, you will learn how to maintain a complete balance through a protocol specifically designed for mother and child:

  • Conception
  • Development of the ovum
  • Mother-child blood incompatibility
  • First and second trimester, end of pregnancy, and childbirth protocol
  • Nutritional balance for the pregnant woman
  • Post-partum and Acmos stimulation
  • Mother and baby follow-up care

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