ACMOS Method


The ACMOS method was created according to the principles of quantum physics by René Naccachian. This method uses the resonance techniques with several instruments to perform exact measurement of the energetic fields to identify blockages and indicate how to resolve them. The objective of the ACMOS method is to access the cause of the disorders to allow for the organization of a global aspect of the human being rather than aspects of our bits and pieces.

The ACMOS method uses knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine to balance the body with the Yin and Yang energies.  Energy resources (Yin energy) of centripetal direction means moving inside of our body, and can be compared to a savings account (financial resources). Energy management (Yang energy) of centrifugal direction means moving outside of the body and can be compared to a checking account (money management). Both types of energy, Ying and Yang can be evaluated and managed by the ACMOS method.

The ACMOS method will manage and correct only the command points that the body is unable to reactivate because it has become overwhelmed and lost its capacity for total organization. The main goal of the method is to help the organism to restore its coherence wherever it has lost its control or ability to solve the problem.

If you want more information, you can go on the website of the ACMOS Centre of research or on the website of our community of ACMOS practitioners in France called A.B.A.A.