ACMOS Session and Energetic balance

ACMOS-bioenergy-bioenergetic-quantic-medicine-natural-holistic-alternative-therapy-wellness-antenna-hypnosis-emdr-nlp-valise-harmonies-charlotte-camguilhem -patientThe ACMOS session lasts one hour and the patient is completely and globally balanced. It is recommended for the patient to return at every change of season according to the principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to prevent any further blockages in the body.


To begin, we take measurements of energetic body fields and vibratory balance with the ACMOS devices.

Then, we use the ACMOS valise with the harmonies essential for restoration of cellular and organic vitality. The energetic body will identify missing vibratory links, through the application of universal law of resonance, which are detected by the ACMOS Lecher Antenna. The thirty-seven levels of original disorder can be identified with the system including hereditary, hormonal, mental, infectious, nutritional, seasonal, environmental…ACMOS-bioenergy-bioenergetic-quantic-medicine-natural-holistic-alternative-therapy-wellness-antenna-hypnosis-emdr-nlp-valise-harmonies-charlotte-camguilhem -

In the ACMOS valise there are :

  • Essential Oils : represent vibrations of the deep centripetal nature corresponding to human heredity and anteriority
  • Minerals : create a shield, protecting our heredity. This protection might be damaged due to interior or exterior aggressions.
  • Trace elements : indicate some endocrine or infectious disorder.
  • Homeopathic preparations : psychic (conscious and unconscious) , hormonal and general.
  • Seasonal herbs : for the support ans management of energetic tension in the body related of seasonal change. There were created on the basis of the correspondence and relation of the five elements in TCM.
  • Phytotherapy : herbs corrects nutritional deficiencies, which are consequences of our dietary habits and lifestyle.

To finish, we strengthen the lymphatic system elimination to get rid of toxins at home until the next session using chromoregulation.

ACMOS-bioenergy-bioenergetic-quantic-medicine-natural-holistic-alternative-therapy-wellness-antenna-hypnosis-emdr-nlp-acmodermil-chromoregulation-charlotte-camguilhem -