ACMOS-bioenergy-bioenergetic-quantic-medicine-natural-holistic-alternative-therapy-wellness-antenna-hypnosis-emdr-nlp-geobiology-charlotte-camguilhemGeobiology is the study of natural and non-natural phenomena which affect a place of living and which may have an influence on living beings. Therefore, it’s the study of the impact that the Earth has on life in general.

Nowadays, geobiology is the study of telluric networks, phenomena linked to the underground soil strate, and new forms of pollution.

In order to practice geobiology, we have scientific measurement tools and devices to do an analyze of your home and determine the several problems linked to the natural or non-natural phenomena.


In scientific geobiology, we know that there is no system of effective protection against the diverse telluric networks and the cosmotellurics chimneys : they arise from the structure of the earth and thus from the ground magnetic field.

An analysis is used to spot the several geopathic zones and to visualize the neutral zones. Beds, sofas, office furnitures  are set up according to these neutral zones into protected zones.

Any geobiologist exercising scientific geobiology has knowledge of bioenergy. Bioenergy teach us that the physical body keeps information about the environment. Therefore, the geobiologist finds on the body the tracks of an underground stream, as well as those telluric networks, as well as other information. After the analysis and set up of the living environment in protected zone, the geobiologist erases these track of attack.

The use of certain natural or manufactured materials – such as ceramic – brings no protection against the effects of radiations, the telluric networks and other underground manifestations. How can we prove this? Through diverse tests, and in particular through bioenergy tests. When the body shows the tracks of a telluric network for example, in spite of the fact that the person is supposed to be “protected”, we can’t say that the protection is efficient. A person who is protected should not present any more the slightest track of aggression connected to any phenomena studied in geobiology. These kinds of objects work only on the energy circulation aspect of a place.

For all which concerns electromagnetic pollution, some basic principles are to be applied, for example : connecting power socket in the right direction – positive/negative polarity. There are proven solutions against electromagnetic pollution which the geobiologist will suggest to you.