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The Quantacmos light stimulator is a device which is capable of reactivating blocked acupuncture points and channels of the body’s energy. It restores the stimulating Yang electrical cosmic, as well as the relaxing Yin magnetic telluric polarities. The Quantacmos accomplishes this by emitting particular blue or red light rays or a combination of two, corresponding to the white light ray vibration. Its represents cosmo-telluric wavelengths, thus reconnecting that which cannot be activated without assistance from Quantacmos device.

The Quantacmos instrument was developed by the Technical Scientific Research Center of SBJ International under the direction of René Naccachian. It is based on the quantum physics principles of the dual nature of light: on the one hand, a wave in space, and the other hand, a concentrated particle. The unit of light, or photon, is an elementary particle that is at the same time a corpuscle and a quantum if energy, the fluctuation of which constitutes electromagnetic radiation.

It is not necessary to apply large quantities of energy to restore coherence to the organism. It can be achieved by emitting weak doses radiant energy and induced magnetic fields. The action is not felt in the body on a sensory level; therefore, no pain or heat is experienced. This low-energy signal contains the exact type of information required to restore the body’s functional capacity at the acupuncture points, which are considered local control centers.

Quantum stimulation only has an effect at the information level of the cell, living tissue and the whole organism. The types of photons emitted by the Quantacmos are specific vibratory levels, allowing activation of the cosmic polarity and the internal polarity of the blocked, dysfunctional energy point. Stimulation reestablishes the dynamic function of an acupuncture point, the organizing force of the physical and psychic levels of a living organism.

The principle of Quantacmos therapy is to provide the organism, at the precise area where the coherence of information is lost, with the missing light frequency to restore its vital dynamics.

Quantacmos therapy follows the universal law of polarity, which allows sustains energy flow in the body. Practitioners can utilize the instrument for stimulation or sedation of acupuncture points, opening of energy centers or chakras, reconnection of energy channels, and for energizing food and drink, including water.